The 15 Best Indie Waltzes


By Confusion & Constant Gardner

A waltz is "dance music in triple meter, written in time signature 3/4-beat. Waltzes typically have one chord per measure, and the accompaniment style particularly associated with the waltz is to play the root of the chord on the first beat, the upper notes on the second and third beats." You don't need to know this to know what a waltz is though. You know a waltz when you hear one, and if you're unsure, just try to tap along to it. If you find yourself doing a "mm-tch-tch, mm-tch-tch" or wearing a tuxedo and dancing like this you're probably listening to a waltz.

The waltz' timing makes it unique and beautiful, but its association with formal dances and old-timey slimebags makes it underappreciated and rare in most popular music. But there have been a number of really great indie waltzes over the years, so get your motherfucking tux on and hold your glasses up.

Cheers to the waltz.

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  • Carson

    good list. i think Josh Ritter’s song “The Curse” should be on it though.

  • acatlover

    Good list. It’s missing a few, but unlike most other internet lists, you got the #1 right!

  • faulknersaysrelax
    We will never run into one another on trains, by the World/Inferno Friendship Society. Just listen. Please, just listen.

  • Stephen Kurpis

    “False Advertising” is in 6, which is not accented the same as a two bar figure in 3. 6/8, 6/4, etc. is compound duple meter; which means it’s a 2 feel with a 3 feel underlying it.

  • Guest

    Please Please Please Let Me by The Smiths?

  • Lee Kamentsky

    Romulus – Sufjan Stevens.
    But thanks, good page.

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