The 15 Best Songs By The Strokes


It may not seem like it's been that long, but The Strokes have been releasing albums for over a decade now (moment of silence for those reflecting on how they're as old as balls now). Since the release of their critically-acclaimed debut, Is This It, in 2001, the New York band has been bridging the coarse, unpolished sound of the garage band with the rock 'n roll aesthetic for some of the most accessible, guilt-free rock around.

Four albums, a lengthy hiatus, and some solo projects later, The Strokes are back again with their fifth studio LP, Comedown Machine. As the dynamic of the band members has evolved over the years, so has their approach to music. But from the sound of their forthcoming album, officially out today, that isn't necessarily a negative thing. To pay tribute to the band's imminent comeback, we're counting down the 15 best songs by The Strokes.

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  • Jetsfoo21

    Thank you.
    I knew all the songs on here but they all made me grin like an idiot after listening to them after so long.

  • Fonso

    The list is pretty much spot on, but I would’ve added ‘Trying Your Luck’ somewhere near the top.

  • Devin Middleton

    “one of the more fun songs” (I think that’s all we’re ever going to get from him)
    haha, pretty much.

  • Devin Middleton

    Also, on number 7, does the writer perhaps mean ‘Life Is Simple In The Moonlight’, and not Ill Try Anything Once, which wasnt on Angles?

  • Viktor Vaughn

    Under Cover of Darkness is easily top 15

    1. The Modern Age

    2. Under Cover of Darkness

    3. Last Nite

  • N.

    Agreed, “Trying Your Luck” is easily top 5.

  • akMontufar

    I’m both pleased and bummed to see this. I love that song, but alas thought I was the only one. Should have advocated for it to make the list. Maybe next time ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Adeyyeeey

    lovely tribute! comedown machine is fantastic!

  • Christian Rosier

    You Only Live Once! If you haven’t heard their album yet, stream it here!

  • Youssou Cissé

    n=1 trying your luck

  • carlitos

    the end has no end

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