The Weeknd Reveals Title To Next Album



The last we heard of The Weeknd he was getting trippy (mane) with Juicy J on “One Of Those Nights,” and today he revealed a little bit of info about his highly anticipated new album on Twitter. Scheduled for release this year, it will, according to the photo below, be called Kiss Land. Okay then.


  • Joe Sap

    terrible terrible title.

  • batmayne

    Well damn, that’s just… I mean… I don’t even.

  • Chase

    Great font, terrible name


    da fuq is a kiss land

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    That’s what happens when you get trippy with Juicy J

  • Cole

    yeah i’m with Chase, that font is badass but Kiss Land?

  • Rob J Hyland Monks

    Maybe with the music it will all make sense, and The Weeknd will be hailed a genius….maybe.

  • A.J. Crew

    Somebody tell this dude to chill…

  • klj;

    bitch stfu

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