Watch a Mountain Dew Commercial Directed by Tyler, The Creator


Odd Future may not be on the superstar level of some other big rappers in the game right now, but these kids are making their mark (and making some money in the process). In the latest piece of “wow, really?” news, Tyler, The Creator (under his alias Wolf Haley) has directed a Mountain Dew commercial. And it’s the GOAT.


UPDATE: A tracklist to Tyler’s upcoming album has surfaced but has not been confirmed as official.

UPDATE 2: Pitchfork has confirmed the tracklist is fake. So unfortunately, we most likely won’t get to hear that Dave Matthews/Tyler, The Creator collab.

01. Wolf
02. Jamba – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Hodgy Beats
03. Cowboy
04. Awkward
05. Domo23
06. Answer
07. Escape-Ism – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Frank Ocean / Matthews, Dave
08. 48
09. The Bridge Of Love
10. Bimmer – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Laetitia Sadier And Frank Ocean
11. Ifhy – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Pharrell
12. Pigs
13. Parking Lot – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Casey Veggies And Mike G
14. Rusty – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Domo Genesis And Earl Sweatshirt
15. Trashwang – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Na’kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain, And Lee Spielman
16. Treehome95 – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Coco O And Erykah Badu
17. Tamale – Tyler, The Creator / Tallulah
18. Jornada

(Amazon via This Goes In)

  • Jeffro

    worst thing ever, why do these kids get burn 2 years after they were relevant?

  • Jumi


  • uh

    u have no sense of humor

  • K

    or maybe that just wasn’t funny…

  • dickosfortuna

    Agreed. He even managed to work his violent-misogyny-is-humour schtick on a goat. Weren’t they not signed because they were all indie? Cos making a Mountain Dew TVC ain’t seeling out at all…

  • fela

    that’s not the real tracklist but i applaud the effort

  • pjk

    I have to disagree, I think making a commercial about a violent goat is not selling out. If he were to say “I’m Tyler, The Creator and I endorse Mountain Dew” that’s more along the lines of selling out. This is Mountain Dew trying to reach the kids, and Tyler fucking around with everybody.

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