Video: A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam – “Wild for the Night”


A$AP Rocky tweeted last Friday that he would drop the video for the Skrillex-featuring banger, “Wild for the Night,” at 7 PM tonight, and true to his word, here it is. The clip features some mesmerizing shots of the Dominican Republic, as well as A$AP Rocky and Skrillex having a time. The one available on VEVO is apparently different than the one that premiered on BET in that it’s the unedited version, so give it a watch above.

  • Jumi

    Thank GOD they censored those guns! The internet is a really scary place and along comes Vevo; saving the day one arbitrarily “offensive” image at a time!

  • Robin Hectors

    skrillex is kind of out of place here ^^ bad ass beat but he sure doesnt look comfortable

  • CRUD


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