Video: Joel Compass – “Back to Me”



If you’ve yet to hear of Joel Compass and you pay attention to the blogosphere, prepare for probable inundation. The British crooner’s got all the makings to be 2013’s hyped indie R&B (or PBR&B or alt soul or whatever the hell it’s going to be called when one blogger makes up a new term that gets picked up by enterprising others). He’s got the emotional falsetto, the sparse, Prince-inflected electronic production, a hot label (Black Butter) behind him, and now a stunning black and white video to accompany lead single “Back to Me.”

In the clip, a robbery perpetrated by a father and his young son goes horribly wrong, leading to the father’s death at gunpoint and eventual rebirth at the hands of a witch doctor. It’s stylized, surreal, and a surprisingly affecting accompaniment to an already aching song.

Check out “Back to Me” below.

(The Line of Best Fit)

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