Video: Pate – “8 Exclamation Marks”


Our introduction to Philly rapper Pate came in 2011 with his T-Minus 2 mixtape, and since then we haven’t heard much from him. The upside? Every time we do hear from him, it’s dope. He’s a spitter, with a little Pusha T in his voice and a carefully chosen and meticulously arranged arsenal of words. Pate delivers casually but with fire in each line, and it makes his deliveries extremely engaging. With the right beats and a little more big picture vision, he’s capable of excellent things. Here’s his latest video, a short clip over the “Druggys With Hoes” beat.

  • Alex Dreyer

    PATE and SPACEHIGH REEZ are a fucking problem. So glad they are finally getting more shine.

  • aehorton

    Ill sh*t.

  • tim harrington

    dude needs to build hus buzz

  • Nick Rich

    Dope. Been dope for years. It’s about time the masses recognize this dude and get him.

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