Watch Earl Sweatshirt Perform New Songs in Los Angeles


With Doris on the way, Earl Sweatshirt made a surprise appearance at Flying Lotus’ set at The Low End Theory in Los Angeles and gave the audience a taste of what he’s been working on. He performed “Burgandy” and “Hive,” as well as another new track with Mac Miller called “Guild.” With live footage, it’s always hard to get a true feel for the music, but watch the performances above and hopefully we’ll get some studio material soon.

(The Masked Gorilla)

  • cmmtsundertheinflnce

    Damn, this shit got me hyped.

  • Jacob Tender

    Of course they stop recording right after new Captain Murphy is mentioned.

  • tim harrington

    “and thats uhhhh thats the end of the song”
    earls too awkward hahahha

  • Phrrrp

    Got a good feel for the beats, but Earl always feels a lot stronger in recording. I’m sure it’s all fire, as always.

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