Watch Justin Bieber Threaten to Beat Up a Photographer


Justin Bieber has been the target of a lot of criticism lately, but he’s trying to keep it positive. This morning, though, Biebz almost reached his breaking point. A photographer got mouthy after being pushed out of the way by Bieber’s bodyguard, and when Bieber got into his car the photographer yells, “Fucking little punk, go back to America.” At this point Bieber opens the door and lunges toward the camera man, “The fuck did you just say? I’ll fucking beat the fuck out of you.”

TMZ caught the heated moment on tape. Watch above.


  • pjk

    I wish I didn’t click on this…I guess I have the fever.

  • DarkAssKnight

    jus cuz he can do pushups he thinks he can whoop someones ass…him and chris brown need to sit down….no chair

  • EJL

    I’m pretty sure that Englishman would’ve beat the piss outta him haha.

  • Lebowski

    But Patrick Carney is the dick right? Not the entitled pop star.

  • Rob J Hyland Monks

    Bitch couldn’t beat up some eggs. He wouldn’t have done shit if that bodyguard wasn’t intercepting.

  • luc

    Lol dude says fuck America and Justin Bieber is Canadian, but he gets right mad lol.

  • Peter

    Dude kinda looks like Obama in that screenshot

  • animefan

    lol little bitch crying

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