10 Frustrating Realities About Music Blogs


In a lot of ways, music blogs are a big part of why music is so exciting in 2013. More than ever before, you can hear music from all over the world that you'd never have a chance to hear if not for the Internet. We can keep up with all our favorite artists, learn about the history and context of subgenres and obscure scenes, and listen to as much as our heart desires.

But there is a lot wrong with the musical environment of 2013, and music blogs are big part of the problem. Obviously we're big fans of the blog world, but it's important to admit that there are some issues. Here are 10 frustrating realities about the music blog world.

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  • Name

    Reason 11: They force you to click through slideshows…

  • http://twitter.com/stupidDOPE stupidDOPE.com

    Great write up!

  • The Real Deal McNeil


  • Mercy Warhol

    i admit, i fall victim to slide 8 100%

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    In what way is the slideshow frustrating?

  • Muahamed

    All truth, most blogs nowadays only care about artist that are hyped, there’s no love for music

  • Jetsfoo21

    Not enough cute animals made to look like gangsta rappers.

  • Jetsfoo21

    A good and inherent quality in blogs is to cater to a certain aesthetic.
    It can be a little frustrating starting out as a music nerd because you’re limited to a certain taste until you know where and how to find good music without a blog

  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    Damn… After reading this Post all I can say is… PREACH… LOL !!!

  • A

    I couldn’t care less if other blogs mentioned artists I blogged about first – if you’re blogging to be put as a source on all other blogs then you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

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