10 Things You Should Know About Illegally Downloading Music


Since the inception of Napster, illegal downloading has taken on a life both political and cultural, a lightning rod reshaping the way we consume music, the music is sold, and how we conceive of all the legal intricacies associated with copyright law. As widespread as illegal downloading may be--though it has been curbed, it remains rampant--there is still a fair amount of misinformation and confusion regarding the subject. In the spirit of education, we've tackled some frequently asked questions about illegal downloading. So read up. If you plan to download illegally, the least you can do is stay informed.

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  • wlhuntle

    Where I go to school they say that they are very strict on illegally downloading music and other media but in reality, you just aren’t allowed to use torrents. So it seems like sharebeast and zippyshare and youtube2mp3 are okay in regards to my school rules. But using these sites can still get you in trouble??

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    Does illegal downloading hurt the music industry?


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