11 Songs to Have Sex to in Space


By Kyle Kramer

Space. The final frontier. Or, as some know it, the 100 Kilometer High Club: the most romantic place off of Earth. While humans have gazed up at the moon and made love under the stars since the beginning of civilization, only a select few have actually had the privilege to get it on among those heavenly bodies. In fact, NASA has long contended that none have done so.

Speculation, though, has been considerable, as one might assume. A popular hoax from the early days of the Internet involved a fake document claiming to be a catalog of space sex experiments, and newspapers ran with the story as recently as 2000. There's an entire book on the subject for those curious about "'docking maneuvers' while in orbit." Recent scientific studies, however, have suggested that it could be uncomfortable , ineffective for reproduction or even life-threatening.

In music, however, where fantasies are encouraged, the idea of space sex has been explored extensively, the latest mission being Justin Timberlake's song “Spaceship Coupe.” So while there may not be any space sex on record just yet, the records to have sex in space to are myriad. In fact, there is literally a set of musical recordings floating beyond the edges of our solar system right now, in the form of the Voyager 1 spacecraft's so-called Golden Record. Furthermore, there's a band made up entirely of astronauts! (They're called Max Q, and they don't, unfortunately, play any space themed songs, according to this incredibly thorough Smithsonian profile. They do, however, have the folksiest origin story of any band in the history of spacetime... an excerpt: “Then, as Gibson remembers it, 'On Tuesday Brewster sticks his head into my office and says, ‘Hooter, what do you think about putting together a four-man band for this sock hop?’ ' Gibson’s fateful response: 'Sure, why not?'”)

Space is perhaps the only frontier that fascinates us with the same kind of intensity that love does—it's often celestial bodies that inspire us to turn our gaze back to all the beautiful bodies on earth.When it comes to soundtracking your adventures below the asteroid belt, your extraterrestrial tryst or your interstellar intercourse, options abound. Regardless of what kind of spacecraft you're working with, these 11 songs are guaranteed to send your lover to the moon and back.

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  • Conor091

    no red planet, sex in zero gravity??

  • soundcloud.com/leigh-hudd

    Okay I have SO many to add to this list. This is, oddly enough, a decent-sized subgenre.
    Gorillaz “Every Planet We Reach Is Dead”: I read something that said this would make a good soundtrack to “a striptease on a spaceship” and I def agree.
    Starkey featuring Anneka “Stars”
    Zero 7 “Polaris” (Doves “Firesuite” could work just as well considering they’re basically the same song, but Polaris has a more space-esque vibe to me)
    Berkstroem “Breathe (Acoustic Parfum remix)”
    The Weeknd “What You Need” or “The Party (Chi Duly remix feat. Silver Medallion)”
    Stolen Identity “Argentina”
    boYgiRL “Stranded”
    Jamiroquai “Spend a Lifetime”
    Urban Species “Blanket”
    …in short, good list, but it should be an ongoing project!

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