12 Female Artists You Should Know


2013 has been a good year for women in music. From the re-emergence of teeny-bopper heartthrobs like Paramore, to the complete superstardom of Beyonce—and let's not forget the recent interest in hard-to-pinpoint nearly popstar types like Grimes, Lana Del Rey and Jessie Ware who are still riding a wave of fame from last year.

But this year, women are really taking things into their own hands, stepping outside the boundaries of genre, history, and the over-played sexualized tropes. The diverse and brilliant output of female musicians is at an all-time high, but besides already well-known sirens, there's an influx of rising talent and lesser known women offering up some amazing sounds. Here are 12 female artists that you should definitely know if you don't by now, because they'll be the next buzzed-about artists before you can say, "Grimes who?"

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  • Gabriel

    and no Lykke Li!?

  • harmonicait

    you already know her! :)

  • Jane Loves You

    Are you retarded? You must be from Brazil.

  • Austin

    Lorde should totally be on this list.

  • Peter Nguyen

    Nice find on Molly Drake. Rest of the list is good to. Found me some new artists.

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