12 Female Artists You Should Know


Alice and the Glass Lake

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Most Recent Release: The Evolution EP—(May 28)
Sounds Like: Aurora borealis, if it was sound instead of light.

Alice Lake is on the brink of something big, that's the overpowering sense channeled through her voice, delivery and lyrics on the first single "Luminous" off her forthcoming debut as Alice and the Glass Lake. The Evolution EP is a five-song offering that feels introspectively focused and outwardly celebratory. The experience of being outdoors is palpable in Lake's soaring voice, which is one of those that reveals something deeper in it's intensity, in its looped reflections. Emotion and landscape run through a double helix in her delivery and poetry, as layered vocal effects and booming drums create a backdrop just drastic enough to escape dramatics.

  • Gabriel

    and no Lykke Li!?

  • harmonicait

    you already know her! :)

  • Jane Loves You

    Are you retarded? You must be from Brazil.

  • Austin

    Lorde should totally be on this list.

  • Peter Nguyen

    Nice find on Molly Drake. Rest of the list is good to. Found me some new artists.

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