12 Songs That Make You Feel Like a Secret Agent


Ever hear a song and want to tuck and roll under a table, slide across the hood of a car, or just put a nice suit on and creep around, solving mysteries and carrying out top secret missions? Yeah, us too. Here are 12 songs that make you feel like a secret agent.

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  • booger_g

    *ready, aim, fire

  • Carlos

    “Age of the Understatement” – The Last Shadow Puppets, song makes me feel like a spy on the run and the video makes me feel like im right in the middle of a Bond movie

  • Guest

    Seriously think “Chase Scene” by Broken Social Scene should be added to this list..

  • RealMonsterD

    omg moderat a new error is so fucking large i couldn’t stand it, where have you been my whole life

  • RealMonsterD

    this whole post was so well written and took you on an adventure I loved it, btw the Skrillex – “Kyoto” part just reminded of that opening scene in blade where they go through the club and the blood rains and all hell breaks loose

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005298247472 Ravi Kumar

    Very creative writing style. Awesome friend. Liked Something Something :)

    from mp3flight.com

  • +00+

    portishead’s dummy album was inspired by the spy genre and has inspired my spy musings

  • Dana Droppo

    Every Moderat song ever

  • Jelly

    How about Kid Cudi – Unfuckwittable

  • SecretAgentMan1917

    How could “Moonlight and Vodka” by Chris De Burgh not make the list – the whole song is about an agent in Moscow

  • SuprRonin

    the theme of the increddible it sounds silly at first but the song has it all congas and a mission impossible like theme it’s marvelous or just incredible also the composer has worked on the mission impossible theme from mission impossible 4 and call of duty and more titles

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