15 Songs That Every Bro Loves


By Brandon Wenerd of BroBible.com

You gotta love the bros. They come in many forms, from lax bros and frat bros to Southern bros and chill bros, but they've carved out a very special place in culture. It's beer bongs and high fives, backwards hats and boat shoes, and it's a very specific taste in music that all bros can get down to. Shotgun a Natty Light, spark up the unnecessarily large bong, or just kick back in some lax shorts and celebrate the music of bros.

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  • afsdf

    Great to see Brobible and P&P collaborating, two of my favorite blogs.

  • jsldk

    this is the douchiest thing ive ever read.. use “bro” a few more times, maybe itll make you sound more chill

  • dada

    what about Call me Maybe

  • FUCK U

    well that sucked….

  • Jumi

    “there is absolutely nothing in the world more bro-y than a song with acoustic guitar AND the word fuck”

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.j.hylandmonks Rob J Hyland Monks

    ‘The Motto’ HAS to be on this list. #YOLO

  • Nova12

    woww cannot believe you guys sold out and collaborated with these scumbags, lost a lost of respect for this site today

  • Jna Lie

    I don’t know any of these crappy songs

  • Fuck you

    Yes you do motherfucker.

  • walkinhigh

    one of the worst pieces ever by p&p

  • Confusion

    worst comment ever

  • De’Angelo Trilliams


  • Yeyeeuh

    …wtf? do any of you guys hating on this post know any bros, because i’m 99% sure this is accurate

  • dngo

    no skrillex? bangarang = brostep anthem

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