15 Songs That Need To Be Remixed By Rappers


By Confusion & Constant Gardner

It's funny to think that back in the '60s, nobody ever heard a song and thought, "Oh shit, so-and-so should remix this." These days, especially for people that grew up on hip-hop and electronic music, it's a common thought. Sometimes you can't help but hear a new track and immediately start imagining a rapper on it. We're experiencing no shortage of rappers, and that means every time a song with a rap-friendly beat blows up, MCs flock, but it also means that every now and then we get a mind-blowing remix that changes the way we think about a song. Here are 15 tracks that we're hoping get remixed. Rappers, take note.

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  • pootietangggg

    danny brown x tnght = creepiest, darkest pairing imaginable. please.

  • Jumi

    I’ll remix “Gangnam Style”. It’ll be the first remix of that song, right?

  • zamieo

    I actually agree with about every song on the list. Those artists could definietly work on those songs. Another rapper might be better on one or two tracks, but most of them would be perfect over the songs you picked.

  • RealMonsterD

    Twin Sister – Phenomenons, I’ve been saying this should have been remixed by Mac Miller ever since I heard Best Day Ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/tobes23 Zak Tobes

    sadly no. Tyga, 2 Chainz, and even Cassidy have.

  • Jumi

    I’ll remix “Gangnam Style”. It’ll be the first remix of that song, right?

  • real nigga

    um no weezy would not kill that instrumental, you guys barely know your shit.

  • Jakob Lundgren

    Make the T.I. one happen. That was dead on.

  • just some dude

    but Mykki Blanco is already on that Autre Ne Veut remix

  • Teddy

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