25 Songs to Play on a Boombox Outside a Girl’s Window to Win Her Back


We all know that moment in Say Anthing when John Cusack's Lloyd Dobbler makes the ultimate move—goes to the house of Diane, the beautiful valedictorian, and blares Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" from his boombox in an effort to win her heart. We all love this scene because it speaks to an integral part of us, the part that wants relationships to work, that wants them to be resurrected even when they seem unsalvageable. As beautiful as being in love is, the idea that sometimes right when a relationship seems broken it can still somehow be saved is appealing on so many levels.

Often, it just takes that extra effort, the grand gesture to prove that you're willing to do whatever it takes to make things work with your love. In the interest of helping out as many of our lovelorn readers as possible, we've compiled 25 of the best songs to play on a boombox outside a girl's window to get her back—no matter the circumstance we've got you covered. Read on for selections from Hall & Oates to Brian McKnight that will woo even the most hard-hearted gruge-holder back into your arms.

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  • batmayne

    This is awesome. I would definitely try “I Want You Back”, its a great song to dance to and make a fool out yourself while creating a few laughs.

  • http://twitter.com/TagoJones Tago Jones

    The Whitest List EVER! #NiggazCouldaMadeABetterList

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