30 Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Original


By Sasha Hecht & Caitlin White

Why would an artist ever choose to cover a song? I mean, seriously. Nine times out of ten, their efforts are met with something between "Not bad... but nothing compared to the original" and "This has ruined my favorite song for me forever. I hope you go septic and poison yourself from the inside out with your own feces." Often, cover songs are an attempt by a younger artist to assert their skill level as on par with a classic musician—and usually the two aren't actually equal.

However, there's nothing wrong with a good cover. Sometimes, a cover song can even—gasp—be better than the original. Just because an artist once wrote a song doesn't necessarily mean that they wrote or performed it the best way possible no questions asked forever and ever amen. Here are 30 covers that are better than the originals. Uncross your arms, open your ears, and dealwithit.gif. Some of them might even surprise you.

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