Album Stream: The Neighbourhood – “I Love You.”



The first time we heard The Neighbourhood, we didn’t know much, but over the past year they’ve rolled out quite an intricate plan, slowly developing their aesthetic and revealing more about themselves through the music, the visuals, and the live show. The young Cali group is filling a unique space that balances indie mentality and disregard for genre with music catchy and polished enough for mass appeal, and 2013 seems like a better time than ever before to be filling that space. After two EPs, I’m Sorry…, and Thank You, the group finishes the statement with their debut album, I Love You.

I Love You. will be out April 23rd on Columbia.


  • Jumi

    My ears are literally ringing from how loud I’ve been blasting this album. I love you too, The Neighbourhood.

  • patrick

    this is awesome

  • Amanda Dissinger

    Excited to see the Neighbourhood in NYC on the 29th.
    They’re one of my favorite new bands and I love all of their tracks, especially
    “Sweater Weather”. Check out the video:

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