Kid Cudi Reveals He’s No Longer on G.O.O.D. Music



During a stop at Los Angeles’ Power 106, Kid Cudi revealed some news that may come as a surprise: he’s no longer G.O.O.D. Music.

Cudi made the announcement in the most casual way possible, insisting that everything is good and that he talked things through with Kanye West. Cudi explained that he wanted to move in a new direction and focus on his own thing, and Kanye totally understood. This is the first time he’s made the announcement to anyone other than Kanye.

Cudi says he knew six months ago that he was thinking about leaving, but he talked it through with people—including Jay-Z—to make sure he didn’t offend ‘Ye or come off the wrong way.

Indicud comes out April 23.


(Dat New Cudi via Complex)

  • Aguestbutnotreally

    Damn … I believe in Cudi 100% but this is sad news.

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  • Tyler A. Davis

    I’m kind of disappointed. Like, I thought Cudi sat well with GOOD Music. Either way, I’ma always rock his music, without a doubt. It’s just a shocker to see him leave.

  • Kid jettison

    Best move possible by Cudi. Especially the way Kanye’s crazy ass been acting as of late. I wouldn’t want to be affiliated with anything related to Kanye either.

  • Bill Simmalavong

    Naw, this is great news. I am very excited to listen to post Indicud. Pretty pumped.

  • TonyTooCool


  • AD Foamz

    Real talk…..aight Cudi, feel the wrath of Ye’s inner Suge….

  • Kid Jettison

    G.O.O.D. Music needs Cudi more than Cudi needs G.O.O.D. Music. Only good music coming out of that camp is John Legend, (only John’s albums go Platinum), who hasn’t even released an album as of late. Big Sean & Pusha T are gimmicks. Common fell off ever since UMC. Cudi was the only one putting out G.O.O.D. music out that camp.

  • Latest

    BRO DO U EVEN HAVE EARS/EYES? regardless of what i think of their roster, Their production team is ridiculous! 2 Chainz and Pusha alone, do work, and big sean…kids love that shit, as for the rest “like we sitting on the bench, ni**a we don’t really play”.

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