Random News of the Week, Starring Drake, James Blake, and Thom Yorke


We see a lot of really random shit every week. Deciding what to post and what to ignore is a constant balancing act that requires much skill, judgment, and discretion. Sometimes it depends on how drunk we are or how trollish we're feeling. Instead of simply letting these things pass us by, we decided to keep track of them and gather them all together for this post, which we'll do weekly, maybe. These are the kinds of things P&P writers email each other like, "ROFL omg WOW." Welcome to the party.

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  • atgsitlftb

    *Yu gi oh cards mate. Gna have to try challenge hin to a duel if ever we neet

  • Jumi

    I officially love Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

  • lolife

    he said two young ‘black’ men

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