The 10 Best Gunplay Verses


By Confusion & Jon Tanners

Gunplay's verses are littered with very direct messages of violence and drugs and driven by the energy of a loose cannon. Because of this, his talent sometimes gets overlooked, but pay attention and it's impossible to deny that he's got more energy, passion, and charisma than some of the best rappers out. His words may be offensive, but they're powerful, and he uses years of pain, struggle, and hopelessness to tell his story and paint a very vivid picture. Instead of carefully slicing away, Gunplay wields the mic like a machete—it's not always pretty, but he's a force to be reckoned with.

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  • Bizzy Blanka

    No Mike Tyson, Naan Nigga or City Boi Swag? Yall buggin.

  • Andy Gutierrez

    Where that Ghetto Symphony… that “bonus track” on the Rocky album where all that sounds bonus in that track is Ferg’s trash verse.

  • blesssed

    “What the fuck is Gunplay thinking, what’s he drinking Moonshine?
    Double desert eagle, that’s illegal 2 tiiiimeess.”

    Also, Gunplay was the only bearable highlight on Lil Wayne’s new album.

  • bxny

    Gunplay is next up I never took him seriously until I actually sat back and listened to his lyrics. dude has bars I think its his appearance and antics distract people from his music. I actually get excited when I see he’s feat. on someone’s song cuz I know he’s gonna have the best verse

  • thisisjamesy

    I would have put his verse on ‘Bust Ya Heart’ in there. There’s more charisma in this line than most rappers manage in an album.

    “No Arm and Hammer in my Hannah Montana- these ain’t Alligator skin- I think they Salamander. Oops, my bad I think them joints Iguana- Oops my bad again I think they Anaconda.”

    Solid list though. Cant argue with #1 ! Good work

  • Ted Danson

    I was hoping Bible on The Dash was #1


    This a whack list mayne, all these verses are from the past year or so. fuckouttahere with that late pass stanning. Go download “Off Safety” and really fuck witcha boi.

  • Pablo Sandoval

    Ghetto Symphony can’t be absent from this list…. you know you done fucced up right?

  • Jade Powell

    Good list, glad to see Don Logan get some recognition. GUNPLAY!

  • Jade Powell

    But you were really supposed to put bogota in here somewhere

  • MarleyMcFly

    Under Rated as fuck! Bible on the dash , dopest song ever.

  • ♦[PharLeff]♦

    Don Logan the truth. First track I ever heard him on he snapped… hasn’t slowed down since. #Heavy

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