The 10 Best Lianne La Havas Remixes


Lianne La Havas' music is rooted in soul, jazz, and folk styles, and her debut album feels like a timeless piece of work because it avoids all the trappings of current trends in favor of a more time-tested aesthetic. As a result, Is Your Love Big Enough? will be one of those albums you can revisit in 10 years, but it also makes you wonder: what would Lianne's sweet, soulful voice sound like if you pitched it up and down and twisted it up over syrupy synths and snapping snares?

An artist like Lianne gives producers a chance to get creative, and they haven't let us down. Some of the best remixes of Ms. La Havas are the ones that sound the most removed from her originals. From electronically drenched reworks to minimalist bootlegs, check out the 10 best Lianne La Havas remixes.

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  • Nadav David

    she’s incredible

  • The Hip Hop Aficionado

    Lianne La Havas is very much looking like the next Sade and for the life of me I can’t understand how the U.S. hasn’t caught on to that yet.

    She is a special artist and should be recognized over here, perhaps it’s the UK/US copyright legalities that hurts her marketing over here?

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