The White House Responds To Jay-Z’s “Open Letter”


When Jay-Z took aim at the media by releasing his new track, “Open Letter,” this morning, it was bound to cause waves. One of the more controversial lyrics involve Jay stating he got White House clearance to travel to Cuba from President Obama himself. Apparently one reporter picked up on this and during a press conference this afternoon, asked the President’s press secretary Jay Carney about it.

“I guess nothing rhymes with treasury” joked Carney. “It’s a song,” he then continued. “The president did not communicate with Jay-Z over this trip.” Regardless, when your verses get brought up in a White House Press Conference, that’s some serious cultural power. Watch the clip of the exchange above.

  • Deshad William Cato

    Boss Shit.

  • Jumi

    “I’m so bossy, bitch get off me”

  • Pt Larsen

    I care more what Jay Z says than Obama, that’s a sad commentary about our pres.

  • batmayne

    Jay-Z got an old white lady to rap in the White House. He is God.

  • Dana Butler

    Weak shit… The White House obviously has nothing better to do.. *sarcasm*

  • MonsterD

    this is so retarded that she even brought that up, she could bring up the ndaa or the bill that allowed monsanto to sell gmo foods even if there are suspected health risks but nah lets talk about jay z’s song… SONG!!!!!!!!

  • Jumi

    Your apathy towards the president’s words = “sad commentary”. Or at least that’s what I’m getting from that comment.

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