10 Obnoxious Things Hipsters Say About Music


By Constant Gardner & Harmonicait

It goes without saying that we're music fans. Massive music fans. Obsessive, nerdy music fans who want nothing more than to be able to sit in front of our laptops and, uninterrupted by human interaction, listen to music all day long. We're probably also snobs. We listen to so much music, and think about it so much of the time that we can't help but having strong views. As much as we might rage at Bieber, or cringe at Guetta, or tell our friends about this brilliant new band we just discovered, what is always most important is the music itself. For the hipster, however, music is just another weapon in the constant war to seem cool.

Hipsters don't seem to take as much pleasure from the music itself as from asserting their superiority or alternative nature. Whether it be early adoption, wider knowledge, "better" taste, or just knowing someone in the band, the hipster will always find something smug or dismissive to say in any conversation about music. So if you catch yourself saying too many of these, watch out.

Here are 10 obnoxious things hipsters say about music.

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  • StephenR

    The vast majority of indie/hipster music is just as generic and bland as mainstream pop/rock. The funniest part about it is that most hipsters are so musically ignorant that they have no idea of this fact. Instead, they are so unbelievably desperate to “fit in” to the hipster subculture that the fashion trends end up being a lot more important to them than the actual music. It’s all about strictly conforming to their sad little culture, which is why so many hipster bands look and sound so much alike.

    Just like every musical art form, rock music rose, it peaked, and then it fell. 99% of bands today are pathetic hangers-on who just haven’t got the memo yet, and so they just regurgitate the same boring melodies and chord progressions that we’ve heard a million times before. Yawn.

  • StephenR

    Sorry to break it to you, but hipsterism is clearly a form of extreme insecurity. Hipsters have a deep-rooted psychological need to be accepted by a group, and in most cases this is because the individual did not receive the kind of attention he/she needed in childhood.

    The extremely elitist hipster subculture makes a point of excluding all non-hipsters from their group, so that it makes each individual within the group feel as if they are somehow “special”.

    No psychologically healthy adult would do this, but it’s very common with teenagers. The sad part is when you see 20- and 30-somethings still following this mentality, unable to recognize that their desperate need to follow hipster cultural standards is a form of ultra-conformity.

  • StephenR

    That is exactly right.

  • StephenR

    Then why are you listening to mainstream radio anyway?

    Yes, the Love Below was probably the most innovative r&b album in the past 20 years, but I certainly never heard it too much. Why? Well I don’t listen to pop radio because 99.9% of it is just really bland, generic music (much like hipster music is).

    Is The Love Below considered “cool” within the narrow little hipster subculture? Of course not. They don’t hear the innovation, the jazz and funk influence, the sheer diversity on that album… all they know is that it was popular, and therefore it must suck. Most hipsters can’t think outside of that crippling mindset, because they are nothing but followers without the capability to understand what original, innovative music actually is.

  • StephenR

    You just illustrated a classic hipster misconception.

    Guess what? I couldn’t give a crap about conforming to mainstream culture, and have ignored it for my entire adult life.

    BUT I also don’t conform to the narrow little hipster culture either.

    You hipsters condemn mainstream culture for being vapid, and you condemn those who follow mainstream culture for the same reason. And yet the irony is that your hipster culture is all about conformity too. Hipster culture is every bit as vapid as “pop” culture, and even more pretentious.

  • StephenR

    Hipsterism is about trying desperately to fit into a subculture, pure and simple. In other words… conformity.

  • Browner

    “Technically speaking, they’re not financing the war, but they are creating a situation where it pays to keep it going”

    Think about it….

  • Browner

    “Technically speaking, they’re not financing the war, but they are creating a situation where it pays to keep it going”

    Think about it….

  • Movementarian

    That must have taken a lot of creativity to come up with that many straw men. Congrats, pal.

  • spazspaz

    Haha come on – these are things music snobs have been saying forever. They’re not explicitly hipster at all. :P

  • renze

    When you hear people complaining about hipsters, you know those people have unrefined tastes and don’t like that it’s highlighted by someone else’s refined tastes. It’s just as annoying as a snobby hipster is, honestly.

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  • fenrir

    hipsterism is an attitude, not an appearance. Something along the lines of posers. Professional posers, if you will.

  • AwesomeRants

    fckn gay :)

  • Wezel

    This article is so full of bullshit. Why do side projects have to be a hipster thing? And singles are almost always the most standard songs on the album to reach a bigger audience. Also, it isn’t weird if you like a bands earlier stuff. That old stuff is the reason why you started listening to that music. IMO Muse was awesome, but sucks now. And the radio ruined that song? Rolling in the Deep is a nice song but I can dream it for fucks sake bacause of the radio.