10 Obnoxious Things Hipsters Say About Music


By Constant Gardner & Harmonicait

It goes without saying that we're music fans. Massive music fans. Obsessive, nerdy music fans who want nothing more than to be able to sit in front of our laptops and, uninterrupted by human interaction, listen to music all day long. We're probably also snobs. We listen to so much music, and think about it so much of the time that we can't help but having strong views. As much as we might rage at Bieber, or cringe at Guetta, or tell our friends about this brilliant new band we just discovered, what is always most important is the music itself. For the hipster, however, music is just another weapon in the constant war to seem cool.

Hipsters don't seem to take as much pleasure from the music itself as from asserting their superiority or alternative nature. Whether it be early adoption, wider knowledge, "better" taste, or just knowing someone in the band, the hipster will always find something smug or dismissive to say in any conversation about music. So if you catch yourself saying too many of these, watch out.

Here are 10 obnoxious things hipsters say about music.

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