15 Bizarre Quotes From Bradford Cox’s Deerhunter Press Conference


Bradford Cox is a character. He likes to mess around in interviews, he likes to make outrageous claims, he seems to like building upon his own bizareness year after year. For the his primary band, Deerhunter's most recent album Monomania, Cox insisted that in place of one on one interviews, journalists attend a group press conference.

Of course, the numerous one on one interviews that have been released reveal that this group setting was just another strange stunt from Cox—which doesn't make it any less interesting. Over the course of an hour and a half, the Deerhunter frontman singlehandedly addressed myriad topics, taboo or otherwise. Here's fifteen of the most bizare and hilarious things he said.

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  • I See What You Did There

    His commentary on Harmony Korine’s movie is pretty much what the world thinks of Deerhunter’s music, so whatever dude. Besides, you’ll never top ‘Cryptograms,’ so…

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