A Guide to Musicians and Their Spirit Animals


Everyone should know their own spirit animal. You usually get a sense of your spirit animal as an adolescent, but this isn't a permanent thing. Many people go through three, maybe four spirit animal changes in their lifetimes, and many people claim several spirit animals depending on mood and surroundings. Once you're in touch with your own spirit animal, you can start picking up on what others' spirit animal is. We've considered James Blake, Kanye West, Haim, and many more, and we think we've got their spirit animals all figured out.


  • batmayne

    Frank Ocean would be either tortoise or an orca whale
    St. Vincent, I think would be an ocelot

  • http://twitter.com/pyt_dgaf Ρusha P

    is rick ross a sloth because he likes to rape?

  • akMontufar

    Oh no. Nothing to do with that. A raping sloth? How ridiculous. Ross is like a sloth because under no circumstance would/could he act swiftly. His undertaking of any task would be painstaking slow and boring to watch. Much like a sloth.

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