Do You Miss Girl Talk? Then Listen to This Bruneaux Mash-Up Album



Mash-ups get no respect, but then you hear Gucci Mane rapping over Dire Straits… and shit.

Bruneaux’s Creature of Habit is reminiscent of Girl Talk’s Night Ripper, a high-energy crowd-pleaser relentless in its pursuit to achieve those “oh shit” moments that any good mash-up album should have. And to those who say that mash-ups don’t require talent, listen to 100 mash-up albums and then listen to this.

Check out “Pop It Off” for the glorious Gucci + Dire Straits moment, listen to the whole thing below, and download the full album here. Other highlights include Kanye over “Centerfold” and Wayne over “Free Bird.” Fuck yeah, mash-ups.


  • Tim

    Doesn’t come pair to girl talk.

  • John

    compare* pal

  • Georgio

    This is…OK. Trouble is most people can do it just like this. It doesn’t compare to GT’s ALL DAY, and certainly I’d expect GT’s new 2013 release to leave this sort of thing far behind.

  • Tom

    Not bad but uses to many similar samples as GT.

  • Tess

    It’s like the musical equivalent of Girl Talk fanfic.

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