Dom McLennon and Kevin Abstract – “Angels”


Yesterday I had a long conversation with a friend about the exciting possibilities that currently exist for creative people. My friend works for a hedge fund, but he’s an adventurous sort, building apps in his spare time, and living life often for adventures and odd stories, attempting to leave a legacy of cool ideas and creations that screams anything but “hedge fund.” In the context of music and tech alike, we discussed the notion that the accessibility of information and tools has leveled the playing field. Want to make beats? There is no scarcity of software or ways to obtain it. Want to learn to code? There is a wealth of free resources on the internet.

There are no more excuses. Yes, Garage Band gives everyone the capability to make beats, but it doesn’t make everyone a beat maker, let alone a producer. Effort and talent, as ever, offer the opportunity for differentiation from the crowd. Very often it’s just a matter of taking an extra step where some might simply settle for ordinary–ordinary is always easiest.

For new release “Angels,” Dom McLennon and Kevin Abstract enlisted the help of HK Covers to craft something that’s a step beyond ordinary. When you listen to the song below, you’ll be treated to a very cool animated cover. It’s not a full video, just a colorful, evolving visual accompaniment to the song. It’s a nice touch, a fitting expansion of the song–itself an impressive display from improving young emcees McLennon and Abstract.

Aspiring artists, remember: Effort and execution.

  • honey mustard pretzels

    outro is crazy! really feelin the track x vid hope to see more!

  • Wade Harrison


  • Money dolla$$

    :O This is amazing!

  • Mark Dougie

    I fucks with it

  • Jesse

    This is dope af

  • Harry Leinverg

    Sounds like chance…hmm

  • tud

    its always gonna be two steps forward one step back if you keep using words like ‘improving’ and ‘progressing’. maybe its a blessing and a curse but these guys are better than some kids making it right now

  • Metta World Tanners

    Not sure what you mean by the first part of that–elaborate?

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