Listen to the Japanese Song that Grimes is Obsessed With


In the search for new music, we often look to our favorite musicians. It only makes sense that if we like Grimes, then there’s a good chance we’ll like what Grimes likes. Yesterday Grimes tweeted “I AM OBSESSED WITH WORLD ORDER,” so we figured we’d check it out. Turns out World Order is a pretty big deal—the song Grimes linked to is called “2012,” and it has over three million views on YouTube.

World Order is a Japanese band formed by retired martial arts expert Genki Sudo. The music isn’t exactly in the same vein as Grimes’ work, but after a couple listens it makes sense. There is an addicting, melodic nature to the electronic pop of “2012” that you could almost imagine as a Grimes song once you get over the language barrier. Maybe we’ll get a cover soon?


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