Hear Alice Russell’s Powerful Cover of James Blake’s “Retrograde”

There are certain songs that you just don’t cover unless you’re going to really nail it. James Blake‘s “Retrograde” is one of those songs. It’s flawless, and even halfway through 2013 it’s already guaranteed to end up close to the top of a lot of end-of-year lists.

British soul singer Alice Russell made a bold move in taking this one on, but she did, in fact, nail it, bringing goosebump-inducing soul over a haunting and piano that manages to capture that “we’re alone now” line pretty perfectly. Listen to the gorgeous cover below, courtesy of Soundcheck.


  • David

    I thought the lyric was “don’t let the hurdle fall…” So much for killing it, she got the lyrics wrong.

  • johnxl

    Hum… seriously she makes me want to hate the song. When you want to cover a song like that, make your best rehearsing it BEFORE you sing it. Especially when you don’t know the lyrics. That’s no way wonderful… not at all!

  • Chris

    It’s a bad lyric. I like hers better.

  • Cat

    I hate the way she sings it. My son covers this song way better and he’s only 12 years old!