Heems Reacts to the New Iggy Azalea Video


So, Iggy Azalea, the 22-year-old Australian rapper with a Def Jam deal, has a new music video for her song “Bounce.” It takes place in India and features Iggy wearing a saree, riding an elephant, and dancing Bollywood-style.

Heems (Das Racist, Greedhead) is a Queens rapper of Punjabi descent, and he’s not feeling the visuals. See his reaction above, and watch the video below.

  • Tikka

    calm the fuck down heems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lilouch5 Selchow-Cherqui Lila

    this is also a “garbage criticism”. I don’t know why it is a shame to have an “inter cultural” initiative. Rap by a woman on Bollywood screen is a great idea.

  • Cars

    lmao wtf is a heem? iggy >>>

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I understand his issue. It’s like if you have a family recipe for cookies and then someone takes that recipe and starts selling it out of their family’s bakery. It’s like, “I’m glad you enjoy what my family created, but how is it cool for you to make money off what my family did?”

  • http://twitter.com/RupertsDecision Trippyfude

    i actually disagree with Heems, I do not have Indian decent but I have been to India, they are care free, fun loving people and would have enjoyed beyond belief making this video and its not an untrue representation of the Indian people

  • Bloedig

    I feel bad for Iggy having to go to such a god forsaken place to film.

  • nokeys

    I’m super happy the majority here is in agreement with me. We all know the bollywood look, we all understand what she’s going for. It’s a dance video that was shot in India with elements of Bollywood dancing in it. Nothing more. Also to say “you can’t dance like that to Hip Hop anyway” just kind of makes you seem stupid and uncreative.

  • chuck white

    desi swag … so what i went to a methodist college and rap like im african american and dress like a white hipster. she should be pouring powder on polynesians in atlanta or some shit. next thing you know heems will be denouncing pakistan to the u.s. government ducking yusuf islam.

  • chuck white

    as for iggie i need a member of lmfao cosign to this pop bs. t.i. is no akon and this country broad is no ga ga. im waiting for dirt nasty to rip a line of cumin on the remix.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fernie.mendoza.33 Fernie Mendoza

    Who the fuck is Heems to bash a fellow minority in the hip-hop game (Australian/female), acting as if this video is somewhat insulting to his culture. True the song is fucking garbage, but if you put M.I.A. in the exact same video, it would be considered visualy creative, which it is. Don’t take yourself too seriously Heemster, you’re still a red-dot hip-hop hipster in EVERYONE’S eyes!!

  • swingem

    I was born and raised in India, moved to Washginton DC when I was 15…and fuck Heems. Im not a fan of Iggy, but good for her. She looks like she had a great time making this video.

  • Foh

    i like how you assert the need for minority solidarity and then come out with the racism at the end. That is really cool

  • saulgoode

    yeah cuz it’s not like heemz appropriates a culture other than his own. oh wait.

  • JC

    Women like Iggy shouldn’t rap. or speak. ever. they should just sit there. It’s like the first time I heard amber rose speak. it’s all down hill from there. It’s not like it matters if they speak or not. What they have to say did not get them famous. God this song sucks.

  • nkkoakland

    heems aside, my guilty addiction to iggy of late has now reached a punctual END. this song sucks. she’s annoying. i would stop dancing if i heard this in the club. i would change the channel if i heard this on the radio. i was once intrigued by her “shiieeets” and “beeeitch”‘s but now i feel like i’m listening to a bunch of 12 year olds file their nails in my ears. it’s over.

  • Crunch

    I just want to know what the fuck Chuck White was talking about down there

  • Manny

    You are a cunt

  • Educateyourself

    while appropriating and othering your culture. I mean I like fun too, but you don’t see me playing dress up with another country’s culture.

  • Educateyourself

    Thats the thing not all of us know what she was going for. How can you not see how she’s appropriating culture? First rap music and now this?

  • Educateyourself

    Okaay Becky! Sure it’s absolutely fine that when a Desi woman wears a sari she’s looked down upon by western society for failing to assimilate, but when a white woman does it OH WHAT A FASHION STATEMENT.

  • Name

    Are you fucked up?

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