Hot 97 Interviews Riff Raff: “Is This Serious, or a Costume?”


A lot of people wonder about RiFF RAFF. Is he a joke? Does he take himself seriously? Where’s he from? What does he want from life? These kinds of things have been brought up in many interviews, but nobody has ever been been as direct as Hot 97’s program director Ebro. He tells RiFF RAFF his perspective, asks him if he’s making a mockery of hip-hop and the culture surrounding it, and the conversation gets a little hostile. Even if you’re not into RiFF RAFF, the discussion brings up a lot of relevant issues.

Watch RiFF RAFF freestyle on Hot 97 below:

Here’s more from Ebro on the topic:

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  • jonahwehc

    Ebro brings up a lot of great points but he’s trying too hard to put Riff Raff into a group of superfluous rappers and scenarios he’s accustomed to. Riff is his own person and expresses himself creatively throughout fancy attire and jewelry. people can love or hate Riff Raff, but he’s not gonna change. He is who he is and he’s gonna own it til he dies.

  • real talk rick

    this dumb ass is trying to say you have to be black and poor from the ghetto in order to wear a lot of jewelry… this is why black people are the most racist group in america. all they do is worry about their own race and knock every other race doing what “black people” do

  • YS

    You pinning that on an entire “race” of people is just as ignorant as Ebro’s assumptions if not more so. Riff is an individual just as Ebro is.


    Im on Riff Raff’s side on this…His come up is no greater or less than any other rapper now a days…WTF is this interviewer even getting at??? Half these BLACK rappers today are from the SUBURBS AND COPY EVERYTHING DRAKE DOES ANYWAY!!…They need to be asking Drake how the FUCK he “Started from the bottom” when he was an ACTOR on Tv first?!?!?!…Riff Raff aint no gangsta anyone with a brain can see that. I may not listen to his music but he’s an artist/rapper like any of these other foos out… SMH at how they set up this interview

  • khal

    “which is why i don’t like being around people, humans” – RiFF RAFF

  • khal

    “i don’t need to be in the human society” – RiFF RAFF

  • Bububu

    Riff didn’t drop out of high school :/

  • DeeJay Dario

    Riff Raff for the win. Creating his own society, I guess

  • ThatFnGuyOverThere

    Sidenote: follow Riff Raff on Vine.

  • mckz

    why does ebro give a fuck what riff raff is wearing broo he needs to chill the fuck out

  • SugaShane

    “I bench 370 in the front yard. Still watch Charles in Charge.” I don’t care if that freestyle was good or wack, that line had me dying.

  • Gary Barnett

    There are a million different sub genres of rap and hip hop. Riff Raff is off doing his thing, its up to you if you want to take it seriously or not. It is what it is, some people are feeling it obviously, so what harm is he doing. Riff Raff is not about to destroy hip hop.

  • j dilla

    this is bullshit, Riff Raff is more genuine than 90% of the rappers right now

  • riff raff

    sad people think he is a joke dude is an artist

  • c-fri

    man, this ebro dude has some serious issues. RAP GAME CORNEL WEST.

  • weareone

    The thing that upsets me, is when someone assumes that most white people are born in middle to high class families, living in nice houses & nice neighborhoods. Not everyone gets an easy start to life, no matter the skin color. Don’t automatically dismiss any possible struggles another may or may not have been through, because they’re white. And for the well off white people, they got there some how, right? Working hard. Just like any well off person from any race. Working hard to give themselves a better life, future…for themselves and their kids. So, we don’t know Riff Raffs story… Its his choice to share. But, maybe he was or wasn’t poor. Maybe his home was unstable for other reasons. His neighborhood. Who knows. We all have been through struggles in life.

  • Meanie

    I have never seen something so over analyzed. At what point can someone just have fun making music they love and not be accosted by the media. This Interviewer (don’t know his name, dont care) has become that stereotypical hyper-sensitive black guy to the point where I’m wondering if he’s making fun or just thumbing his nose at Riff.

  • Devils Advocate

    What if Darius Rucker walked into a country station and a white guy was asking questions of him like Ebro was asking of Riff Raff?

  • Joe

    Why Ebro so offended by what Riff Raff is wearing is past me

  • Jason

    Dudes a faggot watch him on ridulessness such a tryhard wack cunt fuk your racist shit hes a seedy douche

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