Is This Kanye West’s SoundCloud Account, and What’s the One Song He Reposted?


Is this really Kanye's SoundCloud Account?

Here is the account in question:

It's hard to say with certainty that Kanye himself is behind this account, but if it's not him, it appears to be someone at the label or in his camp, because the account does have ties to Kanye-related activity. When Kanye's official site,, uploaded new music to play on the site, it was through private streams linked to this SoundCloud account. Many of the streams are still there, but set to private so they can't be accessed or embedded unless you know the specific URL.

Here is "Burn."

Here is "Exodus 23:1."

Here is "Cold."

So far, Kanye's account only has one public activity, and it's a repost of one song called "Brittle Pieces" by an artist named Zemmy. If this was someone other than Kanye controlling the SoundCloud account, it seems unlikely that he'd give them the okay to share anything under his name without his approval. So does Zemmy know that Kanye West may have just quietly co-signed her?

Yes, she does. "The Kanye thing has been driving me totally insane," she explains. "I wondered why my track was getting way more plays than usual one day and so combed through google search results but didn't see that it had been blogged anywhere that day. Then I realised I could check the 'sources' tab on SoundCloud, which led me to the Kanye To The forum."

As expected, Kanye superfans on the popular discussion board kanyetothe picked up on the SoundCloud repost, but Zemmy still wasn't sure if this was legitimate.

"I freaked out quite a bit trying to see if it could possibly be real. I saw that one of the founders of SoundCloud, Eric Wahlforss, was following the account so I emailed asking him if it was official, and he confirmed it was. I had also emailed Kanye's old management company, Hip Hop Since 1978, in the hope that they could confirm, and Gee Roberson replied to me saying it was the official Kanye SoundCloud."

How does Zemmy feel about this? Obviously, she's pretty excited. "If Kanye or any from from his team actually listened and re-posted it and it's not some kind of freak Internet spaz out accident, that's way too crazy for me to process at the moment. "


  • Kellen Taylor

    it is also followed by 88-Keys who is a personal friend. I think its legit and just not used much

  • KTT OP


  • Son

    the url to his website says ‘’. that should be right


    ^didnt catch that but if Kanyes blog posts and tweets has taught us anything its he’s never been good at spelling

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