Lauryn Hill Sentenced to Three Months in Prison



After signing a deal with Sony to start generating revenue that will go toward paying the taxes she owes on around a million dollars of income, Lauryn Hill has received her sentence. Apparently her new deal was too little too late, and she has been ordered to serve three months in prison and an additional three months in home confinement in New Jersey.

So far, Lauryn has released one new song as part of her new obligation. Listen to that here.

(AP via Complex)

  • Celos Beats

    Damn Lauren, I hate it had to be you!

  • Marcel

    Lauryn you will benefit from this experience! Best thing for an artist is incubation! Prison can be your residency program! Can’t wait for your amazing new material!

  • Ρusha P

    you cant be serious.

  • Follow The Fox

    I’m not happy for her incarceration but as a tireless advocate of her, I’m determined to find a silver lining. So, maybe not serious. But sincere.

  • X

    You know what? Good. I don’t care how creative or talented you are (or were). You still have to pay taxes like the rest of us, and everything she’s postulated throughout this entire ordeal seems to suggest that she STILL feels exempt.

    I’m not saying I like paying taxes, and I’m not saying the money is going towards anything good. I’m just saying I’m glad the rules are being applied evenly.

  • CRUD


  • Maria Chv

    song & obligation don’t go in the same sentence

  • Ρusha P

    your big words lost me

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