Looking for Good Pick Up Lines? Try Rap Lyrics


If you’re at all familiar with the latest in dating (or perhaps booty call) app technology, you’ve probably have heard of the latest frontier for your e-hook up needs, Tinder. Perhaps you’ve even used it. If you haven’t, a quick rundown: Set up a profile, swipe through photos of potential matches in your area, and strike up conversations with anyone that catches your eye. Fairly simple.

If you’re on Tinder and your usual strategies don’t seem to be working, you might want to take a page out of the book of new tumblr Trapped in the Tinder, where rap and R&B lyrics become pick up lines (with varying degrees of success). Our suggestion: Be easy on the Danny Brown and Earl Sweatshirt lyrics, unless you’re looking for a very unusual hook up. Or your soul mate.

You can check out more hip-hop inspired pick up lines here.

  • http://twitter.com/DJxDario DeeJay Dario

    HA! Very amusing

  • Shawn Ronson

    that tumblr is brilliant, nice find

  • xzxzcxzcxz

    this is stupid. you made all these up with the same phone around the same time on the same day..not very creative..they aren’t even good pick up ines

  • http://www.facebook.com/joyce.ng10 Joyce Ng

    Why so serious? :(

  • aguestbutnotreally

    what if it was an elaborate plan to get your panties in a bunch ?then it would be creative right ? word.

  • joresh

    lmao this dude has clearly never used Tinder

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