Sunday Book Review: What We Learned From DMX’s Intense Autobiography


Bookstores aren’t usually the prime hangout spot for music lovers. This isn’t just because the music played in bookstores is routinely horrible, but also because many books written about music are both bone dry and feel like they’ve been spat out by agents looking to wring a few extra dollars from their clients’ souls.

But there are music books out there that both inspire and inform. Memoirs in particular can give us the chance to dive incredibly deep into the psyches of the musicians whose songs infect our brains. They're also a bit like superhero origin stories in that they leave us with the thought-provoking question as to whether there is a continuity between the person they were and the star they’ve become.

It is to this end that we are presenting a selection of ideas pulled from DMX’s autobiography, E.A.R.L., to both give you a sense of the flavor of the work and provide you with some of the knowledge we’ve extracted. If you believe learning about the rise of an artist is more interesting than following their continued stagnation, then enjoy these 13 snippets culled from DMX’s incredibly personal memoir.

You can buy X's autobiography here.

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  • bertmaclinFBI

    man I was hoping for a 50pg excerpt about his first google experience

  • bryce

    Nice feature. I think it has the potential to give more in depth looks at the subjects, but mostly its nice to hear that somebody else out there still reads books.

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