The 15 Best Aesop Rock Songs


By Confusion and Jon Tanners

Aesop Rock's newest project, a collaborative album with Kimya Dawson, comes out on May 7 via Rhymesayers Entertainment. The duo calls themselves The Uncluded and the album is named Hokey Fright. It is unlike anything Aesop has made in the past. Listen to it here.

But the thing it made us realize is that Aesop Rock has come a long way. We've been listening for over a decade and it never fails to surprise us when Aesop takes some sharp left turn. He's one of those artists who seems to value artistic integrity above all else. You get the idea that if Aesop Rock couldn't tour, couldn't get paid, couldn't record, and couldn't share any of the music he made with anybody else in the world, Aesop Rock would probably still be making music. An artist like this is the most exciting kind to follow, because instead of following trends or biting styles, Aesop Rock just continues to make art. Here are our 15 favorite Aesop Rock songs.

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  • p1

    the link for “Coffee” @ #4 is actually “Labor” again…

  • Guest

    Couldn’t agree more with this list and love that ‘sheer Kahn’ was included. ‘Bosico’ with grimace federation is another underrated gem of his. Killer list obviously compiled by a true aesop fan, props

  • alex

    Knew Daylight would be #1. That song is simply amazing. The only Aesop song that I was able to memorize every word of his crazy verses.

  • Dundee

    No tracks from Skelethon? Zero dark thirty!

  • Guest

    I… agree with most of these. Would definitely put one or two more from None Shall Pass on it but to each their own.

  • NWMN

    man, he has so many good tunes you could’ve made a top 50 list. i would add “Pigs”, “Flashflood”, “Bent Life”, “Zodiacuppuncture”, “Five Fingers”. i could go on and on.

  • NWMN

    “Bosico” should be a staple in his live set. so good.

  • Scott

    Amazing list, just wish Nickle Plated Pockets and Leisure Force were on there!!

  • Culture Shock

    cycles to gehenna is definitely top 5

  • John E Poole

    Big Bang kills Daylight. :P

  • Ryan Anti-Hero

    This list is pretty awesome. Good job. The only thing I will say is that it seems to be missing love for Skelethon. I think of Gopher Guts as right up there with Daylight in excellence.

  • ashtray

    No Train Buffer is a crime! Garbage should be on there too! Seriously, I’m going to check the list again Train Buffer has to be on here!

  • Hip hopology

    This list is well-constructed but there will always be worthy songs that won’t make the top. Just shows how good Aesop Rock really is!

  • aesfan

    Been a longtime Aesop fan. Enjoyed the list. My own list would have included basic cable, flash flood, the yes and the y’all, night light, zzz top, and fumes.

  • SK

    Aesop Rock is the most eloquent rapper out there, he has 100% mastery over the English language.

  • Sensei C

    Good selection, a couple on there I wouldn’t have seen as more incidental but that comes down to personal taste. One glaring omission for me would be “Maintenance” from the Daylight EP. The perfect balance of a jaded yet sober perspective of life and its tribulations.

  • Sensei C

    “would” have seen as more incidental – sorry

  • nm612

    Heard Daylight as a spoken word poem in the middle of Aesop’s set at the St.Paul student center. About 50 people there to see Aesop, Atmosphere, and Sage Francis…Slug even DJ’d for another group that night. Crazy! When he dropped that “lifes not a bitch” line the place went apeshit.

  • John Wheelwright

    yes this list is legit forsure. . wouldhave been very similar to mine

  • somejoe

    Take me to the basement

  • Joe Selmecki

    Gopher Guts is def in my Top 3. That last verse was so brutally honest it hurts

  • Adam Koebke

    Great list, though mine would have Nickel Plated Pockets and Save Yourself near the top.

  • enphaux

    Where’s Ruby 81?

  • subkumquat

    The lack of Commencement at the Obedience Academy makes this otherwise good list a bit of a joke.

  • Weird Side

    I would add Five Fingers from None Shall Pass…plus maybe cycles to gehenna, otherwise a solid list. Aes is the best rapper alive, in my opinion.

  • Sam

    Great list. Would have loved to see “Prosperity” here though

  • Nick

    Id put one of four (hidden track), cycles to gehenna, and zero dark thirty on here

  • D Mock

    Take Me to the Basement (granted it’s quite obscure), Wise Up, and Gopher Guts?

  • Codex ink

    definitely! Cycles to gehenna is a masterpiece, also Leisureforce and Gopher Guts

  • codex ink

    Listening to it as i read your comment, too awesome

  • John Tatlock

    Flashflood is an absolute masterpiece

  • Brink

    There shouldn’t be a tope 15. It should just be, “Aesop Rock is and and always will be a god among men.”

  • Brink


  • mans

    Gopher guts is one of my favorites but he has so many incredible songs that it would be hard to come up with a top 10. I’m glad to see something from earthworms on the list.

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