The 15 Best Aesop Rock Songs


By Confusion and Jon Tanners

Aesop Rock's newest project, a collaborative album with Kimya Dawson, comes out on May 7 via Rhymesayers Entertainment. The duo calls themselves The Uncluded and the album is named Hokey Fright. It is unlike anything Aesop has made in the past. Listen to it here.

But the thing it made us realize is that Aesop Rock has come a long way. We've been listening for over a decade and it never fails to surprise us when Aesop takes some sharp left turn. He's one of those artists who seems to value artistic integrity above all else. You get the idea that if Aesop Rock couldn't tour, couldn't get paid, couldn't record, and couldn't share any of the music he made with anybody else in the world, Aesop Rock would probably still be making music. An artist like this is the most exciting kind to follow, because instead of following trends or biting styles, Aesop Rock just continues to make art. Here are our 15 favorite Aesop Rock songs.

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