The 15 Most Memorable MTV Unplugged Performances


MTV's Unplugged series started in 1989 after a renewed interest in folk music gave MTV the idea to bring out the acoustic guitars. By the mid-'90s, music legends were taking part, hip-hop was being incorporated, and the sets were being released as acclaimed albums. The Unplugged format doesn't happen too often these days, but over the past couple of decades, there have been some legendary moments thanks to one of MTV's most beloved inventions. Here are 15 of the most memorable.

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  • Sin Jedinac

    No Pearl Jam ? You have to be fucking kidding me.

  • JustCMon

    No Pearl Jam??? BIG miss. Eddie standing on chair during Porch is timeless Unplugged.

  • marhc

    You’re retarded with no PJ. Porch? Black? Come on now.

  • Alexander

    Stone temple pilots- plush

  • Luxor

    Not putting Pearl Jam on this list is a huge miss.

  • Brandon King

    30 Seconds to Mars is not here!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!

  • DriftingGaze

    No Oasis? The story behind that night definitely made it memorable.

  • William Borja

    Florence and the machine yet no Pearl Jam? You guys are clueless

  • razorsharp

    k-ci and jojo “lately” stevie wonder tribute from mtv uptown unplugged. i still rock that often. i believe mary j blige killed “i’m going down” on the same show. agree with stp and pearl jam beefs.

  • Dakota Uluilelata

    Everyone knows the “This Womans Work” cover Maxwell did was the most memorable of his unplugged performance smh

  • guest

    how is 10,000 maniacs not on this list?

  • The common sense guy.

    No KISS? Wtf? Also pearl jam! And fifty percent women and other twenty five percent “c”rap! Who ever made this list should no longer be aloud to speak, cut the tongue out and do not allow to breed! I only agree with two entry’s and not in proper order! Nirvana and McCartney… Then maybe REM. But come on? Remove this falsified list its nonsense seriously take it down you idiot!

  • kimi

    Alice in chains 12.? Christ that was by far the best MTV unplugged …

  • TG

    I don’t know whats worse no Black by Pearl jam or no Tears in Heaven…

  • johnny rotten apple

    totally agree!

  • danbuell

    Pearl Jam – Black, not even close – bad list…

  • Kurt

    i agree with the nirvana positioning, but common, alice in chains had to be on 2 or 3!

  • Easton

    Pearl jam should of been on here and Alice in chains is way to low. Agree with number 1. Those Seattle bands were remarkable. music was never the same after layne and kurt left.

  • gamedemon24

    Can a band have two spots? Because Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Nirvana is also deserving.

  • Gauttek

    They are making a list of best performances. Nirvana is better then Pearl Jam, they proved it. Eddie has even said Nirvana is better.

  • yoyoyoitcool

    people commenting… your opinion isn’t law… holy shit.

  • Noasis

    No oasis ? Liam drunk, Noel made the show goes on. It should be memorable.

  • Blu Soulstn

    yup… mama said knock you out beat it by 10 spots on this list

  • Blu Soulstn

    but mama said knock you out is better then pearl jam?

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