The 15 Types of People You Meet On The Dance Floor


By Joyce and Katie K.

The people that you meet at bars and clubs are the strangest. Every venue garners the most eclectic people, and most of the time, they're not the good sort of eclectic. Sometimes, you just want to go out and enjoy some music at your local pub/club/bar, but before you go, you should get to know who you may be dealing with. Here are the 15 types of people you meet on the dance floor.

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  • overgrown

    All of these are so accurate, it’s why the club scene can get old reallllll fast

  • Cole

    these pictures are amazing

  • jessi

    accurate post is accurate.

  • CRUD

    jesus i would be lying if i said this shit was not accurate god daym

  • Joyce Ng

    I found an incredible facebook page dedicated to awful club photos. If I can find it again, I’ll share.

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