The 20 Best Music Side Projects


While some of us are struggling to hold onto our chosen vocation or conjure up enough motivation to have a hobby other than socially-sanctioned binge drinking or procrastinating on the internet until we fall asleep in tears, super-talented musicians who already have world-famous bands are piecing together equally as successful side-projects.

In fact, there are so many amazing side projects that this list was a painstaking exercise— there are already waves of self-deprecating guilt washing over us as we think about the side projects that didn’t make the cut. That, of course, is the main difference between us and the artists on our lists. Through it all, these accomplished artists have maintained that extra 15 percent of brain power in both expertise and egocentricity, obliterating doubts and insecurities in the manically-inspiring siren song of their preferred instrument.

Although, just as these artists seem to have a never-ending resource of untapped creative potential, so do they have multifaceted musical abilities. People say that life is unfair, although we can’t figure out why, so at least these people can write a song in one of their many bands that helps us express our depressed confusion.

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  • Ayotunde Afolabi

    ..surely Queens Of The Stone Age counts as an epic side project?! Or do they even count as a “side” project lol.

  • Jay

    No Foreign Exchange??? And surely Black Star is more than a side project.

  • iamkonrad

    Fort minor? That would be my addition

  • Jake

    comeuppance??? please hire an editor.

  • mi

    Death Grips?????????

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