They Say It’s Your Birthday: 20 Reasons to Love Bob Dylan


By Caitlin White

Today is Bob Dylan's birthday. Bob Dylan—a man, a legend, an enigma, or so the mantra goes. He's 72 years old today, and though there is some dispute about his actual birthday (see #20) today is the generally accepted date. There's so much to know about Bob, and yet, there's still so much we don't know.

Dylan has infamously had his finger in many pies, but did you know how much he's actually interacted with hip-hop? Did you know his grandson is an aspiring rapper? People love to hate on the musician for his checkered personal life as well, but did you know that he never missed a single one of Jakob Dylan's little league games?

Dylan is often cast in a light that's shadowed by what people want to believe rather than the realities. On anyone's birthday, it's customary to celebrate them—here's our celebration of Bob Dylan as a musician and a human being and as a myth.

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