10 GIFs That Will Make You Want To Go To a Haim Concert


Any time I hear someone say, "I don't really like Haim," I hear another person say, "You have to see them live." With touring becoming such an increasingly important aspect of success in the music industry, you'd think you'd hear this more often. But the fact is, most new bands get buzz before they've mastered their live show, and most bands take time to get comfortable putting on a show. Not Haim.

If you've never seen Haim live, here's a little nudge—they're good. The three sisters are comfortable, passionate, and above all else, entertaining. Don't believe the hype? GIFs don't lie.

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  • Jared M.

    hahaha I first noticed “the bass face” when they were on Letterman.

  • Bryan

    The bass face was almost all I could focus on during their show at Bonnaroo. (Not really, but the bass face is definitely real). Their show was great though. I don’t know if there’s video of it online (I have one on my phone), but they brought a 3 year-old on stage who had a sign that read “Kiss me Este.” It was precious.

  • metroja

    Saw them at SXSW. they’re an awesome live band!

  • Matthew

    I love Bass face on this girl. I imagine that being her anal face too.

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