25 People Who Think Rick Rubin Is In ZZ Top


Tonight, Jay-Z shared a short clip to announce that he’ll release his next album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, on July 4. The video featured Jay’s long time producers Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Pharrell and Rick Rubin. Well, some viewers got that it was Rick Rubin, others…not so much. People took to Twitter to voice their confusion, and almost downright concern, over whether Jay-Z was collaborating with a member of rock band ZZ Top. Here are 25 people who still aren’t sure who that “white dude with the beard is” in Jay’s commercial.

  • Emm

    What a shame. I hope they realize he worked on Yeezus as well.


    yo dipshit, i was making a joke. look how pathetic your articles are you hypebeast. -@eNPHAN


    maybe next time you write an article it wont be based on people’s tweets, writer.

  • sFG

    Maybe next time you can simply read a different article, reader.


    look how long it takes your poor blog to update comments.


    you used my tweet, writer. Imagine if you were actually a journalist and this article was actually published in something that actually mattered, joke.

  • Perdy

    Gotta love people these days, can’t even figure out how to use Google before they start tweeting moronic things. There is just no excuse for this in this day and age.

  • Perdy

    Calm down, ladies. You both have large man bits, I’m sure.

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