Action Bronson Takes Out Stage-Rusher


A fan made the terrible mistake of interrupting an Action Bronson show in Boston by rushing the stage while Bronson was performing. As he is wont to do, Bam Bam enacted some swift street justice, sweeping the leg in the process, and the fan found his person flung back into the masses below. Check the footage above.


  • GrilledCheeseDeluxe

    Now the fan will release a statement saying that he’s suing Bronson.

  • rybu

    he used to suplex a fiend

  • d

    wow. what a totally shitty way to treat your fans. sure it was stupid to jump the stage like that but come the fuck on.

  • zombiezamboni

    youre right he should have just let him jump up and down, thats why people are there, to see a fucking idiot jump up and down on stage, he should have done worse, bam bam doesnt come and shit where this dude works

  • johnxl

    Really?! That’s dumbs***! Dude were just having fun! Why?!

  • steve wynn

    he’s a bit weird with his fans. He jumps into the audience at every show and has a great time and often brings people onto stage and backstage and is totally cool, but here he was completely different. Can’t deny it’s pretty funny for him to floor the guy within 2 seconds but a bit inconsistent… dunno how he’ll react to things but generally he seems like one of the most chilled out cool guy in hip hop

  • carl win$low

    BAM BAM!

  • Mautz & Tastaton

    Without fans Action Bronson is just a tattoed overweight noone . . . . EPIC FAIL to treat a fan like this . . .

  • Lawrence

    Why the fuck did he do that??

  • Vinny

    Now we know what the Action stands for

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