Album Stream: J. Cole – “Born Sinner”



Due out on June 18 is J. Cole‘s Born Sinner, and the word on the Internets (either via those who attended the listening last night or who gobbled up the leak that dropped simultaneously) has it sounding like Cole did on this one what he couldn’t on his debut… and that he has a lot on his mind. Maybe you can listen to this while reading over some 30 second reviews of each track, then let us know what you think about Cole’s latest.


  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    Not bad at all. I’m a little burnt out on all illuminati talk, but the first track is a very strong start to a very good album.

  • MikeV

    I’m in love with this shit. The honesty is refreshing after too much swag rap.

  • TheBrazilionaire

    It really exceeded my expectations, so much honesty and a strong storytelling style which he alludes to Nas. Jermaine keeps this shit real and flows freely.

  • Ave

    Who else Thinks Cole Should be Signed to Nas and Not Jay Z? It’s ironic to see but not surprising since Jay is a fan of Nas. But A Good Question is Why is Nas not mentoring Talent? “Let Nas Down” is a true testimony J. Cole’s Thoughts, Experiences and words are one you cant help but feel him. With that said I enjoyed the album and I am excited if you didn’t see it the first time you can’t miss it this time Cole is a Star.

  • @SmooveMarquise

    disappointed HOV not on the album

  • Stef

    what happened to “NO FEATURES EXCEPT TLC”?

  • Darius Morgan

    shit went out the window with power trip…no?

  • Jerry

    Fresh album. Will definitely pick this bad boy up.

  • Bobby Saban

    ALBUM OUT NOW! Streaming via Spotify as I type. Tight. Heard it at a listening event at the SVA Theater – Cole’s diligence is definitely present. Impressing Jay Z is no easy task. Nor is releasing an album the same day as Kanye.

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