The Best New Artists of 2013 (So Far)


2013 has been an incredible year for music—it seems like legions of legacy artists have come out of the woodwork to release new music for a whole new generation of fans. But despite the enormous records from well-established artists that this year has produced, it's the wave of brand new musicians that makes things really exciting. From future pop stars to rappers who are taking hip-hop to some interesting new places, we've got a lot to look forward to. Here are our favorite new artists of the year so far.

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  • Leah Jade Connolly

    The lazy ‘sounds like’ descriptions are enough to put me off listening to any of them…

  • jdorsainville

    Were the rappers, Big Momma and Cakes da Killa considered?

  • Zé Pereira

    Well, your loss

  • Matt

    Then youre an idiot

  • Chi-Town

    Chance the Rapper’s mixtape is the sickest thing to come out of Chicago in a long time…

  • Tommy Dalton

    Tommy Dalton just released his debut single to national radio through Red Horseshoe Records. His songs are written by Nashville greats! You can download his free MP3 “Damn Jeans” here:

  • Ya bish

    I think they’re pretty accurate.

  • CENO

    Kwabs voice is amazing

  • mike f doom
  • Kendall Walls

    Since Kanye

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