Between the Lines with Rap Genius: The 1975’s “Sex”


By John Dickinson of Rap Genius

Outside of rap and R&B, the music world seldom sees songs solely dedicated to depictions of sex in picturesque detail. Lucky for pop fans, English rockers The 1975 have taken the liberty of switching up the PC norms of the genre with their single entitled (you guessed it) “Sex”. Lyrical themes include: young love, erotic piercings, infidelity, and high top sneakers. But just for clarity, let Rap Genius take you between our top five lines.

If you've not checked out the video for "Sex" yet, you can check it out below. Purchase their EP IV here.


  • Cursive Verses

    Slide 4: gold

  • Hollie McCarthy

    I love the Johnny Cash poster in the background at the end.

  • Hollie McCarthy

    Great song too though. :)

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