10 of the Catchiest Indie Songs of 2013 (So Far)


Traditionally, indie music has been celebrated for reasons other than pure catchiness. Sure, there have always been catchy indie songs, and that's always a draw for some people, but there's also a stigma attached with huge hooks and songs so immediate that you're singing along by the end of the first chorus. Lately, though, it seems like indie pop is having something of a moment. Embracing the massive hooks and addicting melodies, indie artists are figuring out how to use production, style, and delivery to make even though most instantly gratifying songs interesting enough to maintain indie credibility and staying power. We're not complaining. Here are 10 of the catchiest indie songs of the year so far.

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  • Mr_Invisible

    You’re probably the most consistently credible source that complex cites. Keep up the good work

  • nelson

    I would’ve added the original sail into the sun too


  • Boggy

    Totally sounds like the Knife. Think they are Iceland but could be Norway or Sweeden. I remember Jose Gonzales doing a great cover of the Knife.

  • Yoshi Stoner

    Thank you for this amazing list.

  • IndieNub

    Great stuff, I liked every song on the list! Thanks for putting it together.

  • ArtArt
  • nic p

    I did not want this list to ever end. :(

  • Mariaaaaaa

    This is amazing! Finally someone how understands me!

  • InDDDieee

    I was looking for real indie-non electronic shit, but the grouplove one is nice

  • jesusmaria

    I can’t decide do I love music more or your descriptions :))

  • Mary

    You. Have. The. Best. Taste. In. Music. Oh my god. You must have no idea how much I love and appreciate this. It’s a good thing you’re doing here. Keep doing it.

  • unknown to know

    Can definetely hear some outkast in white lies. Love this list by the way

  • dave

    This is amazing……………………….. Do u have more such list ?

  • mary deli

    haha found some songs I now love thanks!

  • NIcholai

    Yeah it was heartbeats i believe. good shit

  • this_girl

    Liked every song. Still laughing about the Drake Bare Mitzvah thing!

  • mr guy

    def hear some “we speak no americano” influence. awesome song.

  • IGottastayhighJusttoseeyou

    OMIGOSH you are too funny i dont usually look at these things but i was looking for some cool tunes and you are just wow all the songs were perf like woaa o:

  • Olusola

    This is so cool!


    What is with the fucking kids?


    Fucking hipsters.

  • Confusion

    What do hipsters have to do with kids? Do hipsters even like kids? I feel like they don’t, because kids can’t understand the irony or depth of the choices that dictate their personal brand.

    Anyway, just wanted to try something other than more pictures of bands.

  • Confusion

    no u r

  • Dog Shades

    confusion is a pedo

  • Jill

    Literally you are the most amazing human in the world. I love all of these songs. There was not a single one I didn’t like. Make one for 2014(:

  • Sarah

    This list is …….spot on amazing!

  • that_indie_girl

    You totally understand me! Love the list!:*

  • Zoe Rae Messer

    MAGIC MAN! YES! Paris is my favorite song right now.

  • Erin

    You have extraordinary taste in music. I love it when you find a great site. Well I have just found on. Keep it up! Still laughing at the descriptions :)

  • thecapnn

    holy shit.

  • kristie g.

    I may be a little late coming into the discussion- but I had to comment on the song “tongues”. I am open minded when it comes to indie music- sometimes you find a gem, othertimes I hit the stop button seconds in. Listening to this song- first my feet start tapping and before I know it I’m dancing to this tune. Very catchy..thanks for the gem!

  • Mery Bora

    This list is just awesome! I really enjoyed it, thanks for doing this. Also funny descriptions! :D

  • Katy


  • Katy


  • Katy

    I know right. Dude u r awesome!

  • music addict

    Every single one of these songs is gold, you have amazing taste!

  • Indie Girl <3

    Really good songs! Thanks x